I’m a Baby Sleep Consultant

Or as I like to call myself, a Baby Snuggle Consultant

Welcome to a space where science meets snuggles.


As a baby sleep consultant, I use the Neuroprotective Developmental Care (aka Possums) Approach.


This is an evidence-informed, gentle sleep solution that nurtures both your baby’s well-being and your mental health.




Why Choose Me as your Baby Sleep (Snuggle) Consultant?


Science-Backed Solutions

The Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) approach is rooted in the latest scientific research, ensuring you receive the most effective and reliable information. The NDC approach incorporates neuroscience, evolutionary biology, sleep science, attachment psychology, and acceptance and commitment therapy. It doesn’t just offer quick fixes; we provide lasting solutions tailored to your baby’s unique sleep needs, temperament, and your unique parenting values.

Gentle and Compassionate

I believe in gentle sleep techniques that respect your baby’s natural rhythms and emotional needs. My approach avoids harsh methods, focusing instead on creating joyful days and peaceful nights.

This approach is all about fostering a loving connection without tears or worrying about creating “bad habits.”

Personalised for Your Baby

Every baby is unique, and so are their sleep needs. I take the time to understand your baby’s temperament, sleep patterns, and individual requirements. This personalised approach ensures that your sleep plan is tailored specifically to your baby, promoting better and more restful sleep for everyone.

Biological Drivers of Sleep

Unlike other approaches that treat sleep as a behaviour to be taught, I work with the natural biological drivers of sleep. I will help you understand that sleep is a biologically driven process, not a behaviour, and we will focus on aligning your baby’s natural sleep rhythms with your family’s unique rhythm.

Support for Parental Well-being

Your mental health is just as important as your baby’s sleep. Our consultation will include strategies to help you manage stress and anxiety, ensuring you can fully enjoy these precious early years with your little one. This approach is all about fostering a loving connection without tears or worrying about creating “bad habits.

What You Can Expect


Customised Sleep Plans

Every baby is different. During your 60 minute in person consultation we will create a customised sleep plan that fits your baby’s temperament, your family’s lifestyle, and your parenting philosophy.

Step-by-Step Guidance

From newborns to toddlers, I can guide you through each stage of your baby’s sleep journey. The biology is the same.

Ongoing Support

My commitment to you doesn’t end with a single consultation. I provide ongoing support through a 15-minute phone call session, 2 weeks email/text support and follow-up appointments as needed, ensuring you have the help you need whenever challenges arise.

Holistic Approach

After over 20 years of experience with new families, I understand the interconnectedness of concerns during the first years of life. The NDC approach doesn’t look at sleep (or feeding) in isolation. This holistic approach considers infant and toddler sleep alongside breastfeeding/feeds, infant sensory-motor needs, and parental mood.


I was seeking a gentle, biological supportive approach to sleep and nursing my baby. As a new mum with a strong desire for a holistic approach but with little knowledge & support around me, I felt alone and doubted myself. However when meeting Pip she helped me find my confidence through her encouragement, evidence based resources and further more, a community of like minded parents. We quickly established healthy safe cosleeping and nursing techniques that also helped me gain a strong bond with my baby, which was especially important to me after experiencing separation after birth. Although the parenting journey is still a roller coaster (and in its own rights, I think it’s meant to be) at the back of my mind knowing I made the best decisions to support my babies neurodevelopment gave me the comfort and confidence I needed in striving forward as a the mother that I am.


Better Baby Sleep Webinar

I have also created a Better Baby Sleep webinar video.

This comprehensive video pools together my years of training and experience with the work of Dr. Pam Douglas (Neuroprotective Developmental Care at  ndcinstitue.au), Prof. Helen BallProf James McKennaNathan WallisDr. Gabor MatéDr Russ Harris, and other leading experts in the field.

What you’ll learn:

  • Explore your parenting values
  • Bust some common myths
  • Discuss what “normal” baby sleep really looks like
  • Delve into the Science of Sleep and how to work with your baby’s biology to set your days and nights up for success

This comprehensive session covers everything from understanding sleep biology to practical tips for improving your baby’s sleep. Accessible from the comfort of your home, our webinar is a perfect addition to our personalised consultations.

Baby sleep consultant

About Pip:

Pip Wynn Owen is an NDC Practitioner, Registered Midwife, Certified Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator, and Mother of four.

Pip has nearly 30 years of experience in the perinatal field and is a highly regarded and award-winning Birth and Early Parenting Educator. She is wonderfully supportive and experienced in assisting women with breastfeeding concerns and families with sleep concerns.

If you need more help working out your baby’s sleep needs and how to sync their biological drivers of sleep Pip is available for in-person (in Perth, Western Australia) or Zoom consultations.

Contact her at [email protected] Or book through this link

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