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“Hi Pip,

I just wanted to thank you for your help preparing for our little boy’s delivery. Having the sessions with you made me feel confident in my right to make my own decisions rather than trust blindly in the care model generally offered, and I went into labour feeling prepared and fully supported by my birth partners and the amazing midwives at the King Edward’s Birth Centre. We had discussed what outcomes we would prefer but went in aware that anything could happen, and were so lucky to be able to have a natural water birth downstairs. Twelve hours and several profanities later our beautiful boy appeared 4.205 kg at 9.03 in the morning.

I gotta tell you, I was ready to hug you during early labour for the foot pressure point- it was amazing! Also both my mother and husband said that they felt prepared and confident which was great as by the time I was to 5cm I was making no rational decisions of my own. I cannot speak highly enough of the midwives there, who were so incredible the entire journey. They provided us with information to make informed decisions and were respectful of our choices, and confidently made the safest choices when called for. (I had wanted a natural third stage but left it in K’s hands, due to the circumstances -tearing and exhaustion asked if she could do active labour and I was grateful for her ability to read the situation and act accordingly)

Anyway, probably way too much information but just wanted to let you know that you had a big impact on our positive birth, so thank you.

Have a great holiday!” – A, P and D

“Hey Pip,

Just letting you know that in the early hours of Friday morning we welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby boy!!

All your advice was amazing and we definitely put it into practice. The staff at Fiona Stanley were amazing and listened to what we wanted. We had one student midwife in particular who went above and beyond to make sure what we wanted happened. The staff actually commented about how well informed we were and we mentioned your name.

I  would recommend you to everyone!

Thanks again”  – Carrie

Thank you very much for your email with all the links. They were very helpful.

We welcomed our little boy to the world on Thursday 2nd July.

I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful information you provided in the classes that gave me great confidence to have the birth I dreamed of.

Even though I was booked in for an induction I was armed with knowledge and after three weeks of pre labour i felt ready. I was lucky that after prostaglandins gel, walking the halls, I managed to avoid all the things I didn’t want (synto, epidural, pph, the cascade!).

I had a dream delivery one hour twenty minutes after waters breaking. Gave birth standing up next to the bed to a beautiful big boy of ten pounds. Midwives were a bit nervous I was going to have him in the loo and only just made those few steps back to the delivery room!

Everyone told me he was big but I knew I could deliver without pain medication. I hardly had to push, the midwives said I pretty much breathed him out. All I had to do was groan. It felt very natural even though I was in hospital.

The best part was pulling him up between my legs and holding him. And of course both a healthy bub and mum. Being able to move around straight away without pain was such a feeling after my first traumatic birth.
When I tell people bubs weight they do not believe it could have been an easy labour and birth. Thanks to you I repeated to myself that I trusted my body’s ability and my baby was designed for my pelvis.

Knowledge is power!!

Thank you so so much!” ~Alana

“Hi Pip,

Birth Savvy ReviewsJust to let you know we welcomed a lovely little girl into the world last Thursday 17th September – Pippa Charlotte Smith.  She was 3.7kg / 51cm and nice and healthy with all her fingers and toes ?.

The birth went just awesomely and we really feel we have you to thank for putting us in the right direction!  The hospital was putting the pressure on me to book in for induction even before I got to the full 40 weeks, but I felt it was completely unnecessary as we were both well and there were no complications, so I told them I wouldn’t consider it until 42 weeks (which gave little Pippa to come when she was ready).  She came at 40w5d and the labour itself was short – from the first signs of labour (crampy pains at 1.30am) to her being born was just under 4 hours.  We stayed home as long as possible and I set up a nice relaxing atmosphere. Tyrone was so supportive, he was totally calm and encouraging – it made it so much easier because he wasn’t freaking out and could remind me to breath and relax!  And he was prepped with his acupressure too ?.  By the time we got to hospital I was 9cm dilated and they started talking about monitoring the baby but I said I don’t think there is time … bubba was born 25 min later!  I didn’t have an epidural or pain relief – although the contractions were pretty intense I knew they had a purpose and was already resolved to get through it.  And it made the 2nd stage of labour SO much easier being able to feel the pushing urge.  I gave birth on my hands and knees which really did help her to descend quickly and easily, and we were able to do the delayed cord clamping too.

Birth Savvy Reviews

I was just overjoyed with the way things went, it was just an amazing experience, I didn’t realise birth could be like that!  I came home the same day and besides some stitches for minor tearing, I feel completely fine.

Well, time for me to get on with the fun of a newborn and a 3 year old!


Bernice ”

“Hi Pip,

It was really lovely meeting with you today, you are so easy to talk to and so thoughtful and informative. You taught me so much in such a short amount of time.

I’ve felt so happy all day, just knowing that I’m better informed about the whole birth process.

I feel much more relaxed about seeing my obstetrician tomorrow!

Thanks again,

You’re a godsend :)”   – Anna

” Hi Pip, Firstly I would like to say a BIG thank you for coming out to see us at such short notice last week on Tuesday 16th.   Both myself and Brent found your information and the time you spent with us a huge help in what we should expect/look forward to when it comes to the delivery of our little one in July. ” – Tania

“Thanks so much for your time. I think after our session, I am better equip to ask my OB the right questions and to further investigate my options”.- Shereen

“We found the time well spent on Saturday, and it was nice to have an independent view point on what the birthing experience should be rather than what the hospital or our obstetrician thinks works best for them. As I mentioned, we think our obgyn and midwife are quite flexible about the options and are very much about what we want (which is great), but that left us wondering whether we knew enough about what the options are so we can make the right decisions for us. The session on Saturday definitely helped to improve our understanding of all this.” – Gail

“Both my mum and I thought you were absolutely fantastic. Mum completely agreed with all that you had to say and I guess not having any experience myself it was great to have Mum there to reassure me that what you were saying is true. So much of what you taught us really seemed very sensible, as in our bodies do know what we are doing and that we should just trust ourselves more. I am so glad Sam passed on the information for me to attend because I really did learn a lot. So thank you for Saturday it was fantastic!”  – Keely.

“Thank you Pip for the fantastic info on acupressure techniques for childbirth this afternoon. We are very much looking forward to using them for our upcoming birth!” – Lara & Michael

 “Thank you for your help and advice, especially with the birth plan. The midwives, obgyn and even anaesthetist all carried out all our requests with no issues at all…. And we’ve had two feeds already 🙂 thanks again Pip! ” ~ Jay and Hugo

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