Birth Savvy Classes

Birthing Classes in Perth that focus on what YOU can do to get the birth YOU want.

birthing classes Perth

 You will learn:

  • How to work with your body for a more COMFORTABLE labour and birth
  • How the right positions can actually SHORTEN your labour
  • What your BIRTH PARTNER can do to help (lots of hands-on techniques)
  • Tools to feel more in CONTROL of your labour and birth
  • The importance of the first hour after birth and how to PROTECT it
  • Breastfeeding basics to meet YOUR breastfeeding goals
  • What to EXPECT in the first few weeks with your new baby

Since the mid-1980s hospitals have held much of the control over childbirth classes.

This has resulted in an emphasis shifted from empowering parents to take control of their births, to giving information that supported the hospital and its practices.

As a result, many Perth hospital childbirth education classes are no longer run by passionate childbirth educators but staff midwives, with no formal childbirth education training and who are expected to toe the hospital line.

In contrast, Birth Savvy offers truly independent childbirth classes with no affiliations to hospitals or obstetricians.

Birth Savvy is run by a passionate midwife with formal childbirth and early parenting education training.



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