Prenatal and Post Birth Package

“”If breastfeeding is deeply important to you, this tailored breastfeeding support package is designed with your needs in mind.

This comprehensive package provides continuous care and  support that includes:

  • A 90 to 120-minute prenatal breastfeeding consultation to thoroughly understand your medical history and birth plans. We’ll also cover the new research into the biomechanics of breastfeeding and how to switch on a newborn’s breastfeeding behaviours, whether antenatal collection of colostrum is right for you and how hand expressing, and how to make the most of the breastfeeding golden hours after birth.
  • A personalised post birth breastfeeding plan. 
  • A 90-minute home visit after your baby is born, focusing on gentle assessments of both you and your baby, and supportive guidance for breastfeeding.
  • Comprehensive Ebook and Tips sheets

PLUS, you get an additional 2 weeks of  phone, text and email support  clear up any doubts or address any new concerns if they arise.

This package is all about helping you to successfully initiate and establish breastfeeding  and reaching your breastfeeding goals.

Total Package Cost: $490

Every step of the way, I will be there to support your breastfeeding journey with warmth and expert care.

 Private Prenatal Education & Assessment

Research has shown that prenatal education is the best way to empower soon-to-be parents about breastfeeding. Whether you’re expecting your first child or have faced challenges breastfeeding in the past, this consultation is perfect for families looking to set themselves up for a successful breastfeeding journey. I will help you prepare for and navigate any potential challenges, and support you in advocating for your personal breastfeeding goals right from the start, no matter what birth you are planning.

In this 90 to 120-minute consult, we’ll take a detailed look at your medical history and birth plan, educate you about the new research into the biomechanics of breastfeeding and newborns breastfeeding reflexes, provide guidance on how and when to express colostrum, and create a personalised post birth breastfeeding plan for you.

You will also receive my comprehensive Ebook and Tips sheets

Total Cost: $299

I am here to support you in having the best possible breastfeeding experience, with confidence and care!


Post-birth at Home or In-clinic Consultation

My most popular consultation is designed to bring comfort and support right in your own living room (and bedroom).

I’ll visit you at home—or you can come to the clinic if you prefer—during the crucial early days and weeks after your baby’s arrival.

This visit focuses on supporting your breastfeeding journey, emphasizing maternal wellness and self-care, and providing insights into what to expect from your newborn’s behavior and sleep.

During this 90-minute consultation, we will:

  • Observe a breastfeeding session to offer targeted advice and support.
  • Get you comfortable with breastfeeding in the comfort of your own bed.
  • Develop a personalized infant feeding plan.
  • Comprehensive Ebook and Tips sheets
  • Resources to help you along the way.
  • One week of unlimited email and text advise.

Total Cost: $249

I am here to make these early days as smooth and nurturing as possible, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

 Follow Up Appointments

As your personal breastfeeding coach, I am here to offer ongoing support for those who need a little extra or find they need to change things down the track.

You can choose this 60-min follow up appointment in the comfort of your own home or you can come into my cozy, family-friendly clinic.

Please note, this service is exclusively for clients who have already completed an initial consultation with me.

Total Cost: $160

I am excited to continue supporting you on your journey, providing the help and encouragement you need, when and where you need it.

Private Health Insurance

Please get in touch with your private health provider to see if a rebate for prenatal education with a registered midwife or  lactation consultant service applies.

Travel Surcharge

0-20km $0
20-40km $30
40km plus $50

Booking Request Form

Please use this form if you want to book the complete Prenatal and Post Birth Package.

If you are currently experiencing breastfeeding problems and would like to see me ASAP please text me on 0419 914 196

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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy (cancellation/late cancellation and ‘no show’)

Late cancellations (within 24 hours) will incur a $50 cancellation fee

No Show Policy

A “No Show” occurs in the event that  Pip Wynn Owen or one of her representatives, arrives at the designated appointment address at the appointed time and you are not there within 15 minutes of the appointment commencing.

1. In the event of a ‘no show’, all reasonable attempts will be made by Pip Wynn Owen to contact you and make an alternative appointment.

2. If an alternative appointment is not made within 24 hours of the appointment time, 100% of the appointment fee plus travel costs as  will be invoiced to you and payable within 7 days via direct debit or third-party system.


Private Health funds

If you have private health insurance, you are responsible for liaising directly with your private health fund to determine if you are eligible for private health benefits in respect of the services you receive from  Pip Wynn Owen. Contact Pip for her provider numbers. 

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