Do you want to know how to create a birthing environment that will make your birth quicker and more comfortable, no matter where you are birthing?



Are you unsure of what to do in the hospital to create an environment that will work for you?


Close your eyes for a few moments and imagine a typical hospital birthing scene.

Does it look like this…………..




creating a hospital environment


Now close your eyes again and imagine a place where you feel lovely and relaxed, safe and calm.

Does that place you imagined look like the above picture?
No! But the one you just visualised is the environment you will birth better in.
I imagine you are now a bit worried because these images are so far apart.
The good news is that you can recreate the important elements of your imaginary place in ANY birthing environment.


Think a bit more about that place where you felt relaxed, calm, safe and even loved.

What did you see there? What was the lighting like? What colours did you imagine? Who was with you?
Also, what did you hear? Was there music playing or the sound of nature?
What did you feel? Was there a warm breeze, or stillness or movement?
And what did you smell? Most of us have a strong association with certain smells.
Really get a sense of this special place.

Why is that important to recreate these elements in your birthing environment?

If you safe, calm, relaxed, warm and loved your body is able to release all the wonderful hormones that make birth work.
These hormones make labour and birth quicker and more comfortable, even enjoyable.
But, when we feel threatened, cold or unsafe our bodies go into the “fight or flight” mode which can slow or even stop labour.
The “fight and flight” mode even makes labour more painful as our body tries to signal us to get help. It also restricts oxygen to our uterus and our babies.
This is why it is so important to set up an environment that helps not hinders birth physiology.

Here are some simple steps you can use to change any labour ward into the birthing environment of your dreams.

· Dim the lights. This instantly creates a calmer, more intimate atmosphere
· Use some LED candles or Fairy lights to further enhance the mood.
· Put your own pictures on the walls. Photos of your favourite places or your birth affirmations.
· Bring your own colours into the room with throw rugs and pillow
· Play music. This will have a dramatic effect on the room and all those who enter it
· Bring your own smells into the room. Aromatherapy or even your own pillow and clothes.
· Move the bed. This changes the orientation of the room from a hospital space to a birthing space.
· Take in your birth ball, yoga mat, or anything else you think you would like to use to help you move into positions that are comfortable for you.
· Put a sign on your door so that anyone entering the room comes in with a calm, positive attitude.
It is quite simple to create an environment that will enhance your birth physiology.
It just takes a bit of thought and planning (and possible a bigger car).
Picture the environment you want to birth in and then take the important elements with you.
Remember hospital birthing environments should be all about the birthing woman, not the hospital staff.
But the great thing about creating a calm, relaxed environment is that it will also benefit your caregivers too.
The environment is so important but there are other things that can make your labour quicker and more comfortable.

If you would like to know about all the ways to make your birth the best it can be book into my next Better Birthing and Beyond Course.

Creating a birthing environment

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