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I have updated my graph for c/section rates in Perth Hospitals because I have been able to fill in some of the gaps.

When the Western Australia’s Mothers and Babies, 2014 32nd Annual Report of the Western Australian Midwives’ Notification System was released in October it had a few gaps.

For some reason, the Ramsay Health group hadn’t released all their data. I found this unacceptable as Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) is a public-private partnership and therefore shouldn’t be able to withhold public data.

So I email the Health Minister Roger Cook (after all my tagline is “ask for what you want”) and I eventually got an email informing me that their data had been included.

I still found it hard to work out if the data for JHC was for the public or private births or a combination of both.

So I asked and got this response:

“In the 2014 report tables, all the sites have total rates for both public and private combined reported. So the JHC data is public and private combined. Changes in approvals for 2012 and 2013 by JHC meant that for 2012 a combined public/private rate was published and for 2013, only a public rate was published. For 2014, a combined rate was approved and is now published.”

I’m not sure this is good enough.

I think it would be good to have the data separated out to get a clear picture of whether the public c/section rates are acceptable.

The 2017 data on the graph is from information the ABC was able to obtain for an interview I did with them discussing the caesarean section rates with Dr Michael Gannon. You can listen to that HERE

Or you can read the article they published following the interview HERE

I also just did an interview with The MAG programme on RTRFM discussing this issue.

We chatted about the importance of education because if you are waiting for the “system”  to do something about the ever-increasing c/section rates it will be too late for your birth.

Knowledge really is Power!



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