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Baby Sleep Webinar with Pip

Empowering Your Parental Instincts with Evidence-Based Strategies

This 2-hour webinar will help you to harmonize your child’s natural sleep regulation systems and respond to their cues.

🌟 No Tears, No Fears: This approach is all about fostering a loving connection without tears or worrying about creating “bad habits”

🧠 Grounded in Science: it is grounded in the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, ensuring a sleep routine that feels just right for your family

💖This is a space where science meets snuggles and you can finally be the parent you want to be!


We will:

✔️ Bust 8 Common Sleep Myths 

✔️ Discuss what “normal”  baby sleep really looks like

✔️ Delve into the Science of Sleep and how to work with your baby’s biology to set your days and nights up for success

✔️ Have a Q & A session so I can answer your individual questions on topics such as:

-How to set up the optimal sleep environment

-How to deal with night wakes effectively

-Naps and catnapping

-How to deal with “witching hour/s”

-Sleep “regressions”

-Creating flexible routines

-Using  dummies

-The dream feeding

+ More


*Places are limited so I will have time to  answer all your questions

You can attend this webinar before your baby is born or soon after because when you start with an understanding of healthy newborn sleep, and how you can support it from day one, life can be much more enjoyable. Or, you can join if you are currently experiencing sleep challenges with your little one, infant, or toddler…the science is the same.

Pip Wynn Owen NDC Practitioner, Registered Midwife, Certified Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator, and Mother of four.

Pip has nearly 30 years of experience in the perinatal field and is a highly regarded and award-winning Birth and Early Parenting Educator. She is wonderfully supportive and experienced in assisting women with breastfeeding concerns and families with sleep concerns.

She is a proud founding member of  the Perth Baby Clinic (formerly The Possums Clinic Perth)




If you are looking for parenting preparation classes, Pip also offers a prenatal workshop that is designed for expectant couples: Life with a Newborn  




Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a webinar ticket you will recieve a unique link and access password which is not to be shared without permission. Your webinar ticket admits 1 person (or couple living in the same household).

All materials are the intellectual property of Birth Savvy and are for personal use only by the purchaser of the webinar. It is not to be shared or copied in any way without prior written permission.

This webinar does not constitute medical advice. Certain medical conditions may disrupt sleep and must be resolved first. Please talk to your GP/pediatrician to get medical clearance before implementing strategies from this webinar

It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child’s sleeping arrangements.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, neither Birth Savvy nor any of its employees, agents, representatives or contractors will be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, liability, cost or expense of any nature in connection with the webinar.



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Introduction to the Possums Sleep Programme
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12 Mar 2024


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm




Pip Wynn Owen
Pip Wynn Owen
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