I recently generated a press release for a Privately Practising Midwife (there is a link below), and while I was thrilled for her and home birthing getting such wonderful publicity I felt there was so much more to say.

I am a big supporter of home birth, especially after meeting a woman who had recently given birth to her third baby at home (her previous 2 had been less than satisfying hospital births). She was still positively buzzing 5 months later and said she felt like “wonder woman”. Her hormones were surging through her body the way they should be, and she felt able to tackle anything head on. What a difference from the new mum who feels tired and overwhelmed with a 5 month old, whose hormones are only making her teary and irrational?

But unfortunately home birth is not an option for most women in WA. For a start there are too few independent midwives and secondly not all women want a home birth.

Women are choosing to birth in hospitals for whatever reasons, but this doesn’t mean they can ‘t have a similar childbirth experience. If they understand what childbirth is supposed to look like, and don’t let obstertricians and hospital procedures interfere  with their hormones, they too can feel like Wonder Woman after the birth.

Just imaging a world full of these women??

Birth Savvy is all about teaching women how to get the benefits of a  home birth in hospital.



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