Cord Blood Banking

Optimal Cord Clamping

I was going to write a blog about the hot topic of cord blood banking and how it relies on early cord clamping, but this video says it all so much better than I could.





So if you have been wondering about Cord Blood Banking,  watch this first?

For too long “Delayed Cord Clamping”, which I am now going to always call Optimal Cord Clamping, has been seen as a hippy thing to do. It has been associated with ‘alternative’ birthing practices and Lotus Birthing. But every baby should be getting the benefits of Optimal Cord Clamping, just as nature intended.

The rise in glossy advertising for private Cord Blood Banking may actually help raise the awareness of Optimal Cord Clamping , if people start to ask questions about how and when the blood is collected. If the blood and cells in the umbilical cord are so precious, then why are we depriving our babies of them at birth?

Also surely with all the advances in technology there must be some way to collect the umbilical stem cells even if the cord is not clamped until it has stopped pulsating. Maybe all it will take for companies to come up with these is if parents say “Yes you can use my baby’s umbilical cord for your important research into stem cells, but not until my baby has received all the blood, oxygen and stem cells he/she is meant to get.”?

Please watch this video and share it.


Optimal Cord Clamping

Dr Alan Greene

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