Better Birth & Beyond Weekend Workshop

*NEW IN 2021*

Two of Perth’s top Educators have joined forces to create the ultimate weekend course to give you tools for birth and early parenting?

Birth class

Birth and early parenting are meant to be a wonderful, positive experience.

Nature wants you to do it again and again!!


This weekend workshop isn’t about teaching “textbook”  do’s and don’ts about birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting.

It is about helping you understand what YOU can do to get the best possible experience for you, your baby, and your family.

Birth Savvy classes will help you realise your experience is as individual as the baby you are birthing, and help you write your own unique story.


Birth ClassYou will also learn:

How to optimise the physiological processes of labour, birth, bonding and beyond.

What Active Birth and movement in labour are all about.

How to set up the environment for a better birth.

How to stop being fearful of labour.

How to relax and enjoy your birth.

The importance of the birth partner.

Plus some practical, hands-on techniques and tools that you can use to stay in control of your labour and birth.

These include the evidence-based techniques of:

*relaxation and breathing techniques

* acupressure for pregnancy, labour and birth

*massage and effleurage


The importance of the first hour after birth.

Some great tips to successfully initiate and continue breastfeeding.

What “sleeping like a baby” actually means.

The best way to meet your baby’s and your needs in the first few weeks.

How to work together as a team for a great birth and a great start to parenting.




Next 2 Day Workshop:

May 29th & 30th 2021 

October 23rd & 24th 



 Here is what a couple of Mums said about their birth after attending my Better Birth Classes:

“Hey Pip,

Just letting you know that in the early hours of Friday morning we welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby boy!! 

All your advice was amazing and we definitely put it into practice. The staff at Fiona Stanley were amazing and listened to what we wanted. We had one student midwife in particular who went above and beyond to make sure what we wanted to happen. The staff actually commented about how well informed we were and we mentioned your name.

I  would recommend you to everyone!

Thanks again


“Thank you very much for your email with all the links. They were very helpful.

We welcomed our little boy to the world on Thursday 2nd July. 

I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful information you provided in the classes that gave me great confidence to have the birth I dreamed of.

Even though I was booked in for an induction I was armed with knowledge and after three weeks of pre-labour, I felt ready. I was lucky that after prostaglandins gel, walking the halls, I managed to avoid all the things I didn’t want (synto, epidural, pph, the cascade!). 

I had a dream delivery one hour twenty minutes after waters breaking. Gave birth standing up next to the bed to a beautiful big boy of ten pounds. Midwives were a bit nervous I was going to have him in the loo and only just made those few steps back to the delivery room!

Everyone told me he was big but I knew I could deliver without pain medication. I hardly had to push, the midwives said I pretty much breathed him out. All I had to do was groan. It felt very natural even though I was in the hospital.

The best part was pulling him up between my legs and holding him. And of course both a healthy bub and mum. Being able to move around straight away without pain was such a feeling after my first traumatic birth. 
When I tell people bubs weight they do not believe it could have been an easy labour and birth. Thanks to you I repeated to myself that I trusted my body’s ability and my baby was designed for my pelvis.

Knowledge is power!!

Thank you so so much!” ~Alana 2015










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